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I’m not quite sure where to start with this. Maybe where I’m at is best. Just got done negotiating with my almost 7 year old how many chocolate graham crackers he could have. We settled on two. I haven’t started or even thought about what to prepare for dinner. It’s 4pm. Instead I’ve decided to revel in the catharsis that is the written word. 

My business has come to a standstill. And let me be completely honest. It came as no surprise that it would when we were issued the stay-at-home. Ever since, I’ve wrestled with what to post or when. I’ve gone back-and-forth over what is relevant clothing and fashion wise in this stagnantly undulating chapter we’ve all found ourselves in. More honesty: I haven’t reached the “relevant” conclusion. 

Most days I too find myself in my “comfy” clothes. There’s been a few times when leaving the bra in the drawer felt like the best decision. But, there is something about putting on my favorite bra (it’s one from Third Love btw if you’re wondering) that makes life feel more “normal.” Can we even refer to things as “normal” anymore? For that matter, what is “normal” anyway? I’ve certainly never been normal—more “abbey-normal.” A better way to look at it is as a way to cling to the “routine” we’re used to. 

Bra or no bra, there’s still somewhat of a routine wrapped up in the everyday pieces of life. The simplicity of the staple that is the plain white tee making more cameos (men’s Jockey 100% cotton (yes, the one’s that come in the fun-pack from Target)) are my go-to’s. Or being enveloped in dreamy cashmere. *Insert sigh of contentment…* Pair these with some comfortable pants and add a bit of jewelry if that’s your thing and boom! You’re set. 

Here’s the other thing to consider. Regardless of whether you’re stuck at home with a computer screen as your only contact to the outside world or you’re regularly in touch with others; dress for yourself. Wear what makes you happy and feeling most like you. If 24/7 sweats are your jam, rock it (you don’t have to look frumpy—there’s so many cute options for EVERY shape out there: JoyLab, Fabletics, Vermilli); if you shine in a silk blouse and trousers (check out the ones on Boden), DO IT! Who cares if no one sees your ensemble? Dressing shouldn’t be about what others think. It’s about what makes you come alive. Come alive! 

Enjoy the freedom of figuring out your faves if you haven’t already. And if it’s time for a change, thank God for FaceTime and Zoom and Google Meet and, and, and the list goes on…the beat does too.  

Happy Shopping, 


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